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GKM offers payroll processing services to various companies ranging from small to Fortune 500 companies. We customize our software to suit the requirements of the corporate and use the same for complete payroll processing.

We offer end-to-end service solutions encompassing payroll, retirement benefits and Income Tax.
Standard Model - Our Hardware, Our Software & Our People

This is the traditional Payroll Outsourcing model where we collect inputs from the corporate, process the payroll at our end and submit the statutory & non-statutory reports to the corporate on pre-decided dates.
Security, Confidentiality, Proximity, Continuity, Communication & Cost are the most critical factors which affect the performance of Payroll Management. We provide exemplary services by benchmarking best practices in the industry.

• Pay Slips
• Salary Register
• Statutory Reports
• Fulfillment of all statutory obligations

Bpo company india, Bpo india, Bpo Company in india